Saturday, March 27, 2010

Fading Faces - Prishtina

This series was made in Kosovo, where I photographed some plasticized copies of portraits that were hanging for years on the gates of the parliament in Prishtina.

These portrayed people disappeared during the Kosovo War (1998-1999) and their bodies have yet to be found, presumably because they are in Serbian territory and, therefore remain inaccessible to Kosovar authorities. The images have been put on the gates as a protest against the government and to serve as a sort of memorial. Since then they withered over time.

What really struck me was the metaphorical dimension conveyed by the ghostly aspect of these disappearing faces, the interlinkage between reality and its altered representation.

A first set of four pictures have been printed and are exhibited until June at Monos Art Gallery in Liège (B) (Picture By Kresh).

Twelve more prints were shown at Katariina Art Gallery (Helsinki) during an exhibition named HALO, in duo with Inkeri Harri. 

Infinite thanks to my friend Agon Myftari.