Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Easter Improv with Plochingen

We planned to play together with Plochingen (who also plays in electronic improv collective Martiens Go Home) since quite a while and it finally happened.  His partner Fabienne (who took the picture  btw) and him invited me to perform in their appartment this monday afternoon and we improvised together for a bit more than an fourty minutes.

What you can hear here is an unprocessed recording of the performance, I've just cut/shortened it a bit without even changing the equalization or anything.

Benoit, who was playing on a laptop (as he always does) was processing some sounds from his personal database in real time as well as the sounds I was producing using several objects, my voice and some effects + mixing board. There was a lot of listening between us and we both had a fine moment together, there was a perceptible tension in the soundscapes. The audience seemed very alert as well. A fine easter monday.