Sunday, May 23, 2010

Ant Shapes, 2006

This series was based on an observation of the movement of ants, translated into drawings.

Using some rectangular paper sheets lying on the floor, I tried my best to follow the ants' movements while they were circulating on the paper. I  adapted the presure on the pen according to their speed, pushing lighter when the ants moved faster, stronger when they were slower.

Each drawing started when an ant arrived on the paper and finished when this first ant or another one (they were several on the drawing above for instance) left the rectangle.

I decided to take a break each time my concentration dropped, and to keep drawing on the same paper until I was satisfied with the drawing. Some of them are then quite minimal (when only a ant or two passed on it very briefly,) and some other drawings are very dense.

Within 10 days, I had created a set of 16 drawings, which were part of my second solo exhibition at Flux Gallery in fall 2006.