Thursday, May 13, 2010


Yannick Franck (°1981, Liège, Belgium) is a sound and visual artist. He lives and works in Gent, Belgium.
He works in different disciplines in which he constantly reinvents himself through the use of media such as photography, video, installation and performance.

He runs the independent label Idiosyncratics Records.

He is the founder of electroacoustic project Y.E.R.M.O., in which he's active since 2005 with musician Xavier Dubois. The duo composed the soundtrack of an exhibition called Collision Zone (Venice Biennale 2009, Pavilion of Luxembourg) by Nadine Hilbert and Gast Bouschet. 
He composes soundtracks and performs live music for dance, theater and art films.

Yannick Franck took part in many international projects (including exhibitions, residencies, publishing projects and collaborations with other artists) and has performed in many countries.

solo exhibitions

Réhabilitation #001 (pour A.J. López), Annexe des Brasseurs, Liège, BE
HALO, Katariina Art Gallery, Helsinki, FI

Antshapes, Flux Gallery, Liège, BE

Oves, Le laboratoire, Liège, BE

group exhibitions

"This is not Bruges central", Bruges, BE 
"Sound Drop", Fiac Art Fair, Paris, FR
"Resonant Frequencies", Nijverheidsschool Lindenlei, Gent, BE
"Hostipitality, Receiving Strangers", Lodz, POL 
"Meer", Voorkamer, Lier, BE
"The Force is Blind", Toxic Gallery, LUX
Feu l'Artifice, performance & video installation, 2nd International Biennal for Young Art, Moscow, RU
Foghorns Continuum, performance, Electrified Summercamp, Gent, BE
"Untitled", Monos Art Gallery, Liège, BE

"Collision Zone" (by Gast Bouschet and Nadine Hilbert), Biennal of Venice, Pavilion of the Luxembourg, IT
"Mechanical Universe: Nocturne" Boston Sculptors Gallery, Boston, USA
"Brainbox 2", Croxhapox, Gent, BE
"Nouveaux horizons", Centre Culturel de Marchin, BE

"Inner Exile / Outer Limits" (with Gast Bouschet and Nadine Hilbert), MUDAM, Luxembourg, LU
Evidently Chicken Town, Les Brasseurs, Liège, BE
Puja Column, Espace 251 Nord, Liège, BE
"Anticipating the Art of the Future", Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts, Taipei, TW

Dispositifs Circulaires, Arthotèque, centre d'art contemporain, Saint Denis de La Réunion, FR
Relocated Soundscapes, Faux Mouvement, centre d'art contemporain, Metz, FR
"Crox Project n°218", Croxhapox, Gent, BE

Xylophagous Room, "Wie fühlt ihr euch zu Hause?", hauptbahnhof, Düsseldorf,DE
Beaurieux, Cabinet des Estampes, Liège, BE

“Quarantine Island", Izmir, TR
“Digestions” MAMAC, Liège, BE
"East-West Artists" Carei, RO
"Contrepoints", Flux Gallery, Liège, BE