Monday, May 10, 2010

Chthonian Music

What a thrill it was to have discovered this amazing CD in my mailbox this morning! A few months ago, Y.E.R.M.O. took part to this project called Chthonian music that have been brilliantly orchestrated by sound artist Pietro Riparbelli. The project was first a sound installation inside a roman cistern hosted within the Archeological Parc of San Vincenzino (Italy), click here for more informations on Pietro's website.

The CD will be soon released on Italian label Radical Matters as a limited edition. It's yet to be confirmed, but here will most probably be a reissue as a larger print on UK label Cold Spring Records.

I can say we are proud to appear in this great CD alongside Massimo Bartolini – Christina Kubisch – Francisco Lopez – Philippe Petit – Seth Cluett – Burial Hex – Francesco Brasini – Luciano Maggiore – L’Acephale – Andrea Marutti – Gianluca Becuzzi - Aderlating – Nordvargr – Utarm and Deadwood.