Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Fishes, 2007

I had once noticed this aquarium in a Turkish snack and ever since I wanted to film it. The fishes themselves had nothing remarkable, the fascinating thing for me was the whole little mise en scène. A wonderful ready made, illustrating so perfectly several of my own moment's concerns. Among those  concerns was the obsession "What is real, what is not?" on the top of the list. I found there such a materialization of this question. This installation was full of trompe l'oeils and confusing combinations of visual elements ("bogus" ones and "real" ones), such as the fishes: you could rarely positively affirm that you were actually seing a fish or its reflexion. In their motion's abstract patterns one even eventually disapeared when it was comming though a certain angle, hidden by the reflection of a glass wall on another. 
In one of the three sequences the camera's inclination gives you the impression that the air bubbles are comming straight out the electrical socket in the background... Add to this the television (eventually broadcasting some documentary films about animals...) upon the aquarium, the phoney rocks within, the washed-out, peeling off mountain wall paper, the wooden chairs, the radio noises, then figure out the smells of Kebab meat, then you got an accomplished post modern vision, a demonstration of the absolute ambiguity of our times. Where the erzatz become real and hard "real" object belong to the realm of images, ideas.