Saturday, May 29, 2010

Tritone part 2


Yesterday we met up with Lies Vanborm, who's taking care of making the performance possible, she asks the authorizations and does this part of the work I must admit I dislike. She has a challenging mind and she's so enthusiastic that I really feel confortable with bringing up my eccentric ideas. Quite nice I must say.

We went up on the higher balcony the University Library (That people use to call De Boekentoren, this is the highest spot in the university neigbourhood) and made a test with the foghorns, connected to a pocket  (600w) vacuum cleaner. Lies went back down the street and waved signals at me, confirming that the sound was perceptible from there, which amazed me.

We went afterwards to the City Library (Stads Bibliotheek). Where we had to acces the roof through some office windows. People were very kind and helpful but scared out that we were getting on the rooftop, tough a performance took place lately on this same spot, but the artist (who's performance was to wander up there dressed up as a beggar, taking pictures of the watching people) had  a lot of security precautions to take.
Another problem was that the day of the performance coincides with the student's last revision day before the exams. But since the performance is supposed to take place during the very last opening hour, they felt more relaxed with the idea.
It was impossible to plug the vacuum there for now so I  just blowed a few times in my horns. A women (certainly an employed in a office) started yelling the same note at a window from the facing building, attracting my attention for some reason. Then after a while people from the city administration  right beside the library started to stare at me at their windows with severe yet interrogative facial expressions.

The sound of the horns, and its natural delay was quite beautiful up there. I really look forward to the moment I'll turn the vacuums on, followed progressively by the other ones, (actioned by volunteers) upon the Vooruit, the University Library and the Belfort (yet to be confirmed). If everything works as expected, this will happen on June the 26th at 4pm...