Monday, June 21, 2010

Foghorns Continuum



Foghorns Continuum is a sound performance that will be held this Saturday June the 26th in Ghent, within the Timelab Electrified Summercamp's public presentation day.

In short, I'll connect some foghorns to some reversed vacuum cleaners and make them sing for half an hour from the rooftops of several buildings in the center of the city. Those building are: the Public Library (Openbare Bibliotheek), the Shopping Center (Zuid) which is facing the library, the University Library (Boekentoren) and the Vooruit Cultural Center.

The intention is to to create a continuum within the public sound space, to make these notes resonate, vibrate in the air and swirl into the wind in order to create a temporary acoustic alteration of the urban space.

To me, making this fermata the main actual content of a performance is somehow a symbolic rite, a way to celebrate change, the possible ending, always temporary but how liberating, of established things.

Despite it's massively used by football supporters, this type of horn is formerly used by sailors to indicate the presence of their ship to the others. It's thus a rapturous way for me to assert my presence in Ghent, where I live and work for a little more than one year.

The appointment is set at 4pm (sharp!) in the Koning Albert Park at the foot of the public library (openbare bibliotheek).

More infos about the Electrified Sumercamp on Timelab's website:

I am looking for:

-Friends to enable vacuums at an accurate given time (then you'd have to come a bit earlier in the afternoon)
-Friends to take pictures and film the performance / document the action, I probably won't get another chance to perform it!

and of course, I'd be very happy if you just attend the performance without participating :)

It will be followed by the public presentations-performances of the other artists who are taking part at the camp.

Infinite thanks to Eva de Groote, Lies Vanborm and the Timelab Crew for their beautiful energy and kindness.
Special thanks to Aymeric de Tapol and Phil Maggi.