Thursday, June 24, 2010

Foghorns Continuum


Foghorns Continuum is a sound performance that took place in June 2010 in Ghent.

I connected several foghorns to reversed vacuum cleaners and made them sound for 45’ from the rooftops of the Public Library (Bibliotheek Gent), the Shopping Center (Zuid), the University Library (Boekentoren) and the cultural center Vooruit.

The idea behind this piece was to create a temporary acoustic alteration of the urban space through the integration of a drone music composition. Though most people are unfamiliar with this type of sound, drone music is quite common in eastern spiritual music and has been widely used in western contemporary music. It’s, according to reviewer Callum Zeff, " about as far away from music as you can get before it stops being music " and often generates an impression of permanence that may alter the sense of time.

Thanks to Eva de Groote, Lies Vanborm and the Timelab Crew, Frédéric Alstadt, Aymeric de Tapol, Phil Maggi & Thomas Bernardet.