Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Various Artists - Essmaa (2 CD)

I got a brand new track called "Lunadew Serenade" (listen an excerpt) on this great  2CD compilation by french label Tsuku Boshi. Featuring: Scanner, DJ Olive, Leafcutter John, Mokuhen, Sutekh, Dino Felipe, Lodz, Discipline, Sébastien Roux, Yannick Franck, Christophe Bailleau, DJ Elephant Power, Uske Orchestra, Mathias Deplanque, Rainer Lericolais + David Sanson, ...E.D.H, O Lamm, Hypo, Greg Davis, Alexander Rishaug, Dj Sun Papa... 

All the tracks on this compilation result from remixed-processed-reworked field recordings that were done by sound artist Aymeric de Tapol this last winter in Tunis.

I have a few copies available for 12€ incl. worldwide shipping ORDER HERE

more informations, samples and digital version available HERE