Monday, October 18, 2010

News 10/18/10


"Sound Drop" Fiac / Slick Paris, FR
From 21st October 2010 (opening: 20th October)

In collaboration with Slick, MU collective invites Vibro magazine to create Autumn 10, a sound path introducing to contemporary practices of sound art.

with: Alexandre Bellanger, Andrea Valvini, Annika Grill, Aymeric De Tapol, Cécile Babiole, Elisabeth Valletti, Gael Segalen, Guillaume Loizillon, Jennifer Bonn, jean-Philippe Renoult, Julia Drouhin, Kassel Jaeger, Laurent Dailleau, Le Leprechaune, Makoto Takahashi, Matt F, Mokuhen, Radiomentale, Robert Hampson, Serge Le Squer, Theo Boulenger, Thomas Tilly, Vincent Magnier, WPMG & Yannick Franck


This Is Not Bruges Central
Friday 29th October - Friday 05th November

At the occasion of this event, I'll present Immersie Kamer, a sound installation in a container, somewhere in Bruges' city center.



Sunday 31st October
KK NULL (JAP) + PHIL MAGGI + Y.E.R.M.O. at magasin 4, Brussels

feat. drummer Jason Van Gulick