Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Participation at European Performance Art Festival (EPAF) 2011, Warsaw

The European Performance Art Festival EPAF2011

Featuring: Yannick Franck (Belgium), Luciana Freire D'Anunciacao (Canada), HP Process (Francce), Marijana Jovanovic (Serbia/Norway), Lushan Liu (China/Japan), Nathalie Mba Bikoro (UK), Katerina Olivova (Czech), Żaklina Piechanowska (Poland), Ting-Tong Chang (Taiwan/UK), Łukasz Trusewicz (Poland).

24 – 27.11.2011
Festival Curator: Waldemar Tatarchuk
Collaboration: Grzegorz Borkowski, Paulina Kempisty

The European Performance Art Festival EPAF2011 will be held at the Center for Contemporary Art Ujazdowski Castle for the sixth time. Each year the festival takes on a different form, hosting performance art artists from around the world. Each subsequent edition of the festival is an attempt to show trends and ways of evolution for this species of art, and to also show the creativity of these young artists. This year sixteen artists from twelve countries have been invited to participate. Ten of these artists were selected through the open EPAF program which is targeted at young artists. The keynote of this year's edition is an attempt to capture the relationship between artists that make up the culture of the East and West. Meeting artists that are of the younger and middle generation, whose work was rooted on the outskirts of different cultures is an opportunity to create a common platform for dialogue and mutual inspiration. The confrontation of different artistic attitudes, is an inexhaustible source of reflection on the differences and similarities in not only art, but also the world.
The Chinese festival consists of four artists. Chen Jin, in addition to her artistic activity. She is also the curator of the OPEN festival for a continuous 12 years, initially starting in Beijing and now in Shanghai. Yingmei Duan, belonged to the legendary East Village artists, formed in Beijing in the 90s, forming independent avant-garde art. She studied performance art at the laboratory of Marina Abramovic in Braunshweigu. Another artist, He Chengyao is one of the first who undertook China’s problem with femininity and the naked body, she participated in the exhibition Global Feminism at the Brooklyn Museum in 2007. The fourth artist invited is Cui Tao, representing the young generation of performance artists in China.

The open program – open EPAF is strongly differentiated in terms of artists selected by the media. Viewers will have the opportunity to see performances based solely on the artist's exploration of carnality, as well as those where the action is inextricably linked with technology.
During the festival, in addition to performances, block therpay will take place, including meetings and discussions with artists, with critics, and art historians, demonstrations and presentations of the video performance.

More: epaf-festival.blogspot.com