Thursday, January 26, 2012


Picture by Cici Olsson

I've been spending the last two months creating the soundtrack of theater show Exils, by Fabrice Murgia (for whom I took care of Life:Reset / Chronique d'une ville épuisée's music in 2011).

The creation of Exils was a fascinating experiment though an exhausting period for me, as interdisciplinarity is a very challenging thing, especially within a team of 14 including a violinist, a sound engineer, two video artists, four actors, several technicians, two production assistants, heavy machinery, a human sized puppet, and lots, lots of artificial smoke.  

The premiere was held this Tuesday in Brussels' National Theater, inaugurating the project Cities On Stage, financed by the European Commission. It was quite a delightful thing for me too see political deciders of several European countries, including EU president José Manuel Barroso and several cultural attaches enjoying very loud infrabasses (subwoofers were placed directly under the audience), distorted and noisy drones and percussions, strident tones and reverberated urban field recordings for an hour of complete weirdness, acoustic and visual interferences, semi-abstract images and oddly surreal situations. Above all, fantastic Senegalese actor Kabila (real name El Hadji Abdou Rahmane Ndiaye) was face and upper body painted in white, yelling at them, cursing about Europe's arrogance and pseudo democracy in Wolof language.

The show, that features 4 great actors (not only Kabila is amazing), is essentially focused on the topic of illegal immigration.

You can see it in Brussels till the 11th of February.