Thursday, May 31, 2012

Recording at The Abbey of Thelema

We are currently in Cefalù, Sicily, with my italian fellow composer and sound artist Pietro Riparbelli, recording songs that I'm singing in the Abbey of Thelema for a new project based on texts selected and adapted by British musician and occultist Alan Trench (Temple Music, World Serpent) among different works of Aleister Crowley.

I decided to record my vocals there as a resonance to the field recordings Pietro did in the Abbey, that serve as a base for the album's compositions. Today's recordings were Extracts From The First Part Of Liber Al Vegis and The Cry Of The First Aethyr (as received from DCLXVI  by CCCLIX), it has been quite an intense and inspiring experience to penetrate the half collapsed Abbey and sing there for a few hours. Tomorrow's expedition promises to be quite a thrill as well!

The final material will form the basis for our second collaborative album (see the first one here / excerpts here), that will be released in 2013.