Friday, March 27, 2015

Performatik Festival

Karel Verhoeven & Yannick Franck Unedited Architecture

audiovisual performance

Friday 27 March 20:30
Saturday 28 March 20:30

Performatik Festival
Beursschouwburg, Brussels

Unedited Architecture is an audio visual and spatial exploration of the volcanic island Lanzarote (ES).
(ESP). In 2013, Ghent-based artist Karel Verhoeven was invited there by the Fundacion César Manrique, named after the architect who developed a utopian vision on building for the island during the seventies. Manrique’s white, organic buildings contrast greatly with the ink black volcanic structure of the soil. Verhoeven registered the formal qualities of this environment in an associative visual assemblage. Sound artist Yannick Franck worked with the audio material that was registered on site. Together, they present this specific environment in an audiovisual live concert.