The Utmost Night, soon on Taâlem
Hierophany | Иерофания (CD), out now Monochrome Vision
Memorabilia (CD) Silken Tofu 2011
The Staircase Continuum (CD-r) Young Girls Records 2011
The Basement Continuum (CD-r + USB stick) 2011 collector box, limited to 3 signed copies, 2 copies left
Austral (LP) Onement 2010 limited to one single copy, available for sale through Onement Label 
Read article about Onement in Infidèle Magazine (en Français)

Yannick Franck & Craig Hilton - Flowers For L.P. (CD) Preorder on Idiosyncratics
Yannick Franck & Pietro Riparbelli - Whinny Muir (CD) Silentes Records 2011
Yannick Franck & Jari Suominen - Mustalampi (LP) 2011 one side dubplate, limited to five cuts, one copy is available for sale
Manxome (with Lucille Calmel) - All the Infections That the Sun Sucks Up (CD-r) Tilt Records 2008
Craig Hilton & Yannick Franck - A~matra (CD-r) Young Girls Records 2007

with Y.E.R.M.O.:
Disincarnation (CD-r) FFHHH Records 2010
Seeds of Dharma (CD-r) Kaspar Hauser Records 2010
Collision Zone (CD) Idiosyncratics Records 2009
From Gold Falls a Bad Rain (CD) Humpty Dumpty Records 2009
Geneva (CDr) Amorf Sounds 2005

Split Releases:
Yannick Franck & Philip Gheysen - Wool-e's Choice (7", EP) Silken Tofu 2012

Compilation Appearances:

Muu for Ears 10 (CD), Muu
Lágrimas de miedo 16 – aux lisières (CD) Fario 2012
Le Parfum De Jean, A Tribute To Jean Rollin (K7) 3 Patttes 2012
Chthonian Music (CD) Radical Matters 2010
Essmaa (CD) Tsuku Boshi 2010
Favourite Places 2 (CD) Audiobulb 2009
Idioscapes (CD) Idiosyncratics Records 2009
Post Minimalism (CD) Trace Label 2007