01.07.13 Madame Claude, Berlin
04.07.13 Experyment Festival, Zbąszyń, PL
07.07.13 Black Sun Jamboree, Croxhapox, Gent


22.05.13 Franck / Van Gulick, Café Central, Brussels
01.06.13 Onement label presentation: Austral (LP), WIELS, Brussels


02.05.13 Scheld'apen, Antwerpen


19.04.13 Placard Festival, curated by Archipel and Young Girls Records, Médiathèque de Liège


9th: Solo performance, Collectif AuQuai, Brussels
11th: Solo performance, HS63, Brussels  with Ben Miller (US)
13th: Solo performance, Boro Club, Brno, CZ  with Core Of The Coalman and Soumonces FB
15th: Solo performance, Pecena Brambora, Prague, CZ  with Core Of The Coalman
16th: Solo performance, House Of Art, České Budějovice, CZ  with Core Of The Coalman FB
17th, 8:30pm: Radio Show, MU, Radio Campus, Bruxelles, with Ben Miller (US)
18th: Solo performance, Le Chaff, Brussels with Ben Miller (US) and Pierce Warnecke (US-DE) FB event
20th: Solo performance, Cinépalace, Kortrijk with Ben Miller (US) and Pierce Warnecke (US-DE) FB event
22nd: Solo performance at CoCArt Festival, Toruń, PL
(with Z'EV, Sudden Infant, Pierre Bastien, J.H. Peron of Faust + friends, THEME, PRSZR, Bruzgynai)


20th: Solo performance, Idiosyncratics Label Night, NEST, Gent


10th: Solo performance at West Germany, Berlin, DE Animal Magnetism: mini festival with Jeff Surak (US) Mario de Vega (DE/MX), Frgmnt (DE) Marta Zapparoli (IT), Scott Sinclair (AUS), Martin Howse & Martin Kuentz (UK/DE), Topmodel (DE) FB event
26th: Solo performance at WP8, Düsseldorf, DE
29th: Solo performance at NK, Berlin, DE
31st: Solo performance at Loophole, Berlin, DE


1st: Performance solo + bar à whisky, Les Brasseurs, Liège
7th: tip: Gast Bouschet and Nadine Hilbert present their new exhibition Unground. Featuring sounds by Jason Van Gulick and Steffen O'Malley + an exhibition publication with texts by curator Kévin Muhlen and Amelia Ishmael. Casino du Luxembourg, LU (7pm)
8th: Solo performance, AIR, Antwerpen


1st: Solo performance, Kunstraum Walcheturm, Zürich, CH facebook event
4th: Solo performance, OBLO, Lausanne, CH
9th: Opening of the exhibition Con los ojos cerrados, ALBO program for contemporary art – Modern Art Museum Medellin, CO (the exhibition runs until April 2013). Original soundtrack for Juan Duque's  site specific installation.
17th: Solo performance, PNEM Sound Art Festival, Uden, NL
30th: Solo performance, Die Keure, Brugge


12th: opening Collision Zone at Atelier Luxembourg, The Venice Biennale Projects 1988-2011, MUDAM, LU
exhibition from 13/10/2012 to 24/02/2013
31st: Solo performance, Cave 12, Genève, CH


2nd: Solo performance,  B32, Maastricht, NL with Core Of The Coalman
9th: Idiosyncratics Night: YF solo performance / Rinus Van Alebeek's release party / feat. Rinus Van Alebeek, Core Of The Coalman, DJ Young Girls, HS63, Brussels
21st: Solo performance, Bozar Electronic Festival, Palais des Beaux Arts, Brussels
29th: Solo performance, Gaité Lyrique, Paris, FR


5th: Solo performance + DJ set, Kinky Star, Gent
+ Philip Gheysen, a Silken Tofu event


Live recording (taped on 20-05-12) broadcast in De Sleeper radioshow on Radio Centraal more TBA
14th: Y.E.R.M.O. in Paysages sous surveillance, a project by Harri de Ville, in exhibition TraümeBAF, Brussels. FB event
23rd: Opening Marion Tampon Lajarriette, Le somnambule video installation, sound by Yannick Franck.  Centre d'art Chapelle Jeanne d'Arc, Thouars, France. (The exhibition is open until the 21st October 2012 and is part of Songe d'une nuit d'été).
27th: Solo performance at IMAL, BrusselsFB event


5th: Solo performance + Phil Maggi, NEST, Ghent FB event
8th: DJ set, performances by Jeroen Vandesande & Pauwel De Buck (BE, Electroacoustic) + Arthur Bacon (FR, Accordion and processing) Flyer / InfosFB event


20th: DJ set with DJ Silken Tofu, at the occasion of a MS30 concert, Kinky Star, Gent, BE FB event
21st: Solo performance at Wool-ee-shop, Gent. At the occasion of the Record Store Day. With Philip Gheysen and Kiss the Anus of a Black Cat. Address: Emiel Lossystraat 17, 9040 Gent, Belgium. A special split record with Philip Gheysen will be available for preorder (7", Silken Tofu Records). FB event
27th: Duo performance with Esther Venrooy, Croxhapox, Gent
29th: Solo DJ set at M.A.D. Museum, Liège. At the occasion of Jozef Van Wissem's concert. A Young Girls Records rally. FB event


7th: Solo performance at Karel Ball, Brussels
7th: "Y.E.R.M.O. Presents" MUDAM, Luxembourg more
14th: Y.E.R.M.O. DJ set (Y. Franck & X. Dubois) at MUDAM, Luxembourg more
15th, 16th, 17th: Live electroacoustics within LETTRE D’UN JEUNE GARÇON... (qui dans d’autres circonstances aurait été poète, mais qui fut poseur de bombes) à sa mère morte depuis peu, Théâtre National, Brussels more
28th: "Y.E.R.M.O. Presents" MUDAM, Luxembourg more


4th: Solo performance at Centre Databaz, Angoulême, FR
+ Vincent Epplay & Sébastien Roux


26th: Performance / sound intervention at What You See Is (Not) What You See exhibition's finissage
25th: Solo performance at EPAF festival, Galeria Labirynt, Warsaw, PL
4th: Live performance with Inkeri Harri, as GHOST OF WATARI, Plastic Festival, Brussels


26th: Y.E.R.M.O. trio at Magasin 4, Brussels 
with KK Null & The Noiser (JAP/UK) 

8th, Toward The Event Horizon, live performance with Xavier Dubois (as Y.E.R.M.O.). Project, concept and film by Nadine Hilbert & Gast Bouschet. MUDAM, Luxembourg


16th: DJ set with Raf Keunen at Klara festival, Brussels.
12th: Solo performance at Villa Verkeyne, Liège.
9th: Solo performance at Café Central, Brussels.


Participation at Francois Martig's installation "La Nature mise en boite" with a short field recorded piece called Steel bench and bow. The installation featured short pieces by Yannick Dauby, Philippe Petitgenêt, Supernova, Gauthier Keyaerts, Jean-Philippe Renoult, Rodolphe Alexis among others.

13th: Solo performance at Croxhapox, Gent
The event, organized by Smeraldina-Rima, will feature Swedish projects Sand Circles (Not not fun) & Quilts (Hockey Rawk)


20th: GHOST OF WATARI (Yannick Franck & Sabrina Inkeri Harri) at Roerkuip, Oude beestenmarkt 8, 9000 Gent, BE


19th: Solo performance at LISTEN sound-art event, Witte Zaal, Gent, BE

Symposium: Perspectives on Auditive Space
Wednesday May 18
Witte Zaal, Gent, Belgium

...09u00 Reception
09h30 Sven Sterken (BE)
10h25 Guy De Bièvre (BE)
11h20 Jan De Vylder (BE)
12h15 Paul Devens (NL)
14h00 Michael J. Schumacher (US)
14h45 Raviv Ganchrow (US / IL / NL)
16h00 Vincent Dunoyer (FR)
16h40 Barry Blesser (US) (videoconference)
17h35 Alex Arteaga (G)
18h30 Closing remarks

Curator: Esther Venrooy
Moderator: Angelo Vermeulen
Exhibition curated by Olivier Goethals & Roel Kerkhofs
Works by Rie Nakajima & students from Experimenteell Atelier Sint-Lucas Gent

Performances & concerts
Thursday May 19
Witte Zaal, Gent, Belgium
Start: 20h00

Aymeric Hainaux (FR)
hamaYôko (FR/JP)
Rie Nakajima (JP)
Yannick Franck (BE)
Louis Vanhaverbeke (BE)

Exhibition curated by Olivier Goethals & Roel Kerkhofs
Works by Rie Nakajima & students from Experimenteel Atelier Sint-Lucas Gent

Festival van Vlaanderen Kortrijk: Perspectives on Auditive Space
Friday May 20
Budascoop, Kortrijk, Belgium

Lectures by Bernhard Leitner (AT) and Edwin Van der Heide (NL)
Final thoughts symposium by Angelo Vermeulen (BE)
Performance by Paul Devens (NL).

With short sound interventions by students from Experimenteel Atelier, Sint-Lucas Gent

Witte Zaal, Posteernestraat 64, 9000 Gent
Budascoop, Broelkaai 1b, 8500 Kortrijk

This event has been made possible by Onderzoeksfonds voor de Kunsten, Sint-Lucas Gent & Festival van Vlaanderen Kortrijk

Thanks to: Joost Fonteyne, Angelo Vermeulen, Olivier Goethals, Roel Kerkhofs, Johan Vandermaelen, Philip Aguirre, Luc Pien, Sarah Késenne, Gert De Munter, Machteld Pectoor, Veerle Van den Abbeele, Sabine De Meester and the students from Experimenteel Atelier.

21th: GHOST OF WATARI (Yannick Franck & Sabrina Inkeri Harri) at SILKEN TOFU's 5th anniversary, acec-site, dok noord 4, Gent, BE
6th: Solo performance at La Compilothèque, Brussels, BE


7th: Solo performance at NU Fenway Center, Boston

the event will feature TIMI, China, the only professional modern music ensemble in Beijing, from Beijing's Central Conservatory of Music, including two violins, erhu, dizi, pipa and guzheng; improvisations by Yannick Franck, Belgium, sound and visual artist; Xenia Hanusiak, Australia, "Echoi Incantation" for solo voice by Constantine Koukias; and Hyo Sun Kang, South Korea, new work for piri and electronic sounds by Anthony Paul De Ritis

9th: Conference at Omni Parker House Hotel, Boston

BCWYWF, installation, 15th Tallinn Print Triennial, KUMU, EE
opening: 20th of January


29th, 8:00pm - Frank Bretschneider + Yannick Franck
ISSUE Project Room, New York

24th, 25th, 26th: Memorabilia, duo performance with Olivia Carrere, Festival XS, Théâtre National de la Communauté Wallonie Bruxelles, BE

3rd: Duo performance with Esther Venrooy, Entr'acte label night, Ateliers Claus, Brussels

"Wanderers of the Wasteland", exhibition (as artist and curator), Espace Flux, Liège, BE


27th: Collision Zone (performance) + The Force is Blind (installation) Conception, visuals: Gast Bouschet & Nadine Hilbert, sound by Y.E.R.M.O., Festival de Liège, BE

28th, 29th,30th: Chronique d'une ville épuisée (Fabrice Murgia, music by Yannick Franck), Festival de Liège, BE 

15th: The tin can: Temple Music / S.Q.E. / Yannick Franck (Solo performance) / Picturesque, Tinnenpot,  Gent